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"The laws of space and time have flown out the window... Literally! Now you, the Mayor of the universe must go on a mission to restore the law book and return order to the universe."


  • Studio: Shockwave

  • Genre: 3rd person platformer.

  • Team size: 15 people.

  • Development time: 8 Weeks.

  • Engine: In house impact engine.


  • 3Cs design

  • Level design of 7 maps.

  • Propping and lighting.

  • Some Narrative

  • Metrics


​Mayor Problem was a fantastic experience. The team at Shockwave was dead set on creating a -Mario 64 like- Initially I was very against this. The effort to time ratio didn't add up to me, we had 8 weeks to make this game.

Eventually I had to concede as this is what the team wanted.

However, I had some criteria that had to be met. This included:

  • Segmented levels.

    • With eight weeks, we needed to be able to efficiently cut any Levels that weren't ready or fun enough. ​​

  • Platforming focused gameplay.

    • To avoid feature creep the character was essentially to be the only mechanic in focus.​

This was agreed upon, so we got to work.

After which everything just fell into place. This was the fourth project the team had worked on together so we had gotten very efficient at communicating. I worked tightly with the wonderful 3Cs programmer Mattias Blomgren 

to develop Mayors move-set.

The paradigm with mayors move-set was very much control vs speed. With moves like the slide and triple jump players had to give up control in order to move quickly.

I spent ages figuring out with Mattias what best moves to add both mechanically and at a development cost level.

I then sat for weeks adjusting the movement values to make Mayors controls feel just right.

Looking at it I can barley understand how we were able to make this in the time set.

I implore you to try it out! it's free on

I love this game. <3

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