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"CATBOT has been seemingly abandoned by their creator 'old man'. Join CATBOT on a quest to find their missing parts to return home and reunite with him."


  • Studio: BORK!

  • Genre: Point and Click

  • Team size: 9 people.

  • Development time: 4 Weeks.

  • Engine: Lua

  • Level Editor: Photoshop


  • Puzzle design

  • Area Design

  • Suffering



The infamous CATBOT. Is the first game I had developed with a larger team. It was a mess. 


CATBOT exists in infamy due to it's obtuse puzzles and impossible memory game.

What it does have going for it is it's fantastic musical score composed by my Co LD: Simon Carlsson.

It's by no means a good game, but I love it either way.

It's perfect.

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